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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – And a Hopefully a Sale!

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Someone help me here…’s 2009 and digital cameras have been around for a while now.  Pretty sure you can pick one up at any Target, Best Buy, Radio Shack….heck, I bet you can get one at the drugstore.  But I still see new listings come on the market with no photos.  Saw one yesterday – it was a property listed for $3 million plus.  You’d think for over $3 million dollars there must be something of value to photograph.  Something to show the savvy buyers of a $3 million dollar property – maybe a view, maybe a wonderful spa-like master bathroom, a “stay-cation” style backyard complete w/ pool, spa and outdoor kitchen?  Who knows?  What seller of a $3 million dollar home decided to hire an agent who would market their property without any photographs.  I am sure they are coming shortly – or at least I hope so for that seller’s sake.

And then we’ve got the properties with the “messy” photos – love those!  OMG – might be better off taking no photos?  Check these out – these photos are taken from a townhouse I was checking out for a client of mine.  Makes you wonder doesn’t it?  Who is more at fault here, the seller for letting someone in to take pictures and not cleaning up or the photographer who thought it appropriate to take these photos in the first place or maybe the real estate agent who thought it a good marketing tool for their listing?  Ugh!

Nice Kitchen, but the mess is so distracting.        

Are the clothes even going to get clean in this laundry room?

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