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Click, Click on through in the world of “Blogging” there sure are some great spots to visit.  Of course, depending on your passions, this list can be quite different.  I’ve found a few here that have interest to me.  I am a South Bay real estate agent and finding anything related to the South Bay is of high importance.  There is a local title rep, Christian Steffereud, who works for Orange Coast Title with his business partner, Debbie Rodriguez.  They have come up with a cool blogging site entitled South Bay Marketplace.  First of all, I like the name a lot!  Second of all – they have some pretty cool articles and “sound bites” that would be interesting to most everyone.  Third of all, there is a list of South Bay City links that are quite useful….here they are:

South Bay City Links
El Segundo
Hermosa Beach

Manhattan Beach
Palos Verdes Estates
Rancho Palos Verdes
Redondo Beach
Rolling Hills

Rolling Hills Estates
San Pedro

Next, I love Sunset Magazine – today I was checking out a new blog they mentioned entitled: “HouseMartin -Inspired House & Floral” .    So, I had to click on and see what interesting things I could find.  They sure have some gorgeous inspirational floral pics…..check this one out…new-image.JPG  Helleborus – I’ve never heard of that flower before, but I’ll remember it from now on.  This is in a pot on her porch mixed with some other “most likely ordinary” but don’t look ordinary anymore plants.  When visitng her blog of course, one click leads to another….and I’m off to a Daily Wedding Inspiration blog (where was this when I was planning all that?) with the cutest name Snippet & Ink.   Talk about some gorgeous photos…wow!  She comes up with these gorgeous “Inspiration Boards” for brides to peruse and get ideas – they are works of art in and of themselves…weddinginspiratin.jpg

Well – one could spend hours just clicking through “blog sites” and there are so many out there.  My prediction though is that we will see many more to come!