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Goats Come to the Hollywood Riviera!

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Goats Come to the Hollywood Riviera! – Yes, believe it or not, Goats have come to help with the overgrown hillsides in Torrance and they are now helping out the Hollywood Riviera section of Torrance.  You can see them as you come up Vista Montana.  They are hanging out chomping up all the overgrown grass and weeds that would be very difficult to mow on that steep hillside.  That hillside is no match for the “goat employees.” 

The Goats have been hired to help with vegetation control by the city of Torrance.  They can make quite a difference in a two week span!  During their visit here to the city of Torrance they even had a baby goat join the crew!  There is a goat herder on staff full time as well if you were curious who’s in charge!