Great Local New Business Offers $10 off your first order!!!!

I’ve discovered a new local business based in Redondo Beach that has made my life so much easier and more fun for my entire family. You’ve just got to try it. This company delivers fresh, wholesome and delicious ingredients to your door every week or every other week with three easy to make, and scrumptious to eat menus for family dinners. They also have an incredible fruit box that you can order too. I have found that it is more than plenty for a family of four, we often have leftovers that get eaten for lunch or dinner so the cost if more than reasonable for this service ($89 for three meals). If I consider how much time, energy, gas etc.. it costs me to think of what to serve, shop for all the ingredients, drive to the store etc… there is no way I can do this for $89 for three meals for my family. Sofi has agreed to give you $10 OFF YOUR FIRST TRIAL ORDER if you input KELLY AND LAURA into your promo code when ordering. Give it a try your won’t be sorry!!

Here is a brief interview with the owner of the company, Sofi.

Why did you start Sofi’s Grocery Bag?
Growing up in Sweden we were always accustomed to eating dinner together at home. With our busy schedule here in the South Bay, we started getting away from this and I really missed the family time. I figured that other moms had the same problem I was facing and I wanted to create a service that would help them.
Where did you get the idea?
This concept is extremely popular in Sweden and I modeled my company after some of the most successful companies in Europe. I knew that there are many moms who are concerned about the health of their families and it would be a hit in LA.
How are you enjoying running the business?
I love it! Every day I receive an e-mail or phone call from someone who tells me that our service has changed their life. I love hearing about children helping prepare meals in the kitchen and getting out of their “comfort zone” and trying new things, moms breaking out of rut of making the same 10 meals for their families, and my favorite, Dad stepping up and becoming “the Chef” of the family.
How do you like living in the South Bay?
I have traveled all over the world and have yet to find a better place to raise a family.
This experience has really been a dream come true. Working from home, helping promote family health, helping busy moms free up their day, and bringing families together. What could be better?

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