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Green Tip of the Week

Green Tip of the Week from the South Bay Environmental Services Center – We just found out about this amazing local organization – South Bay Environment Services Center (SBESC).

The Week of Monday, December 6

Green Tips for the Holidays – Keeping Your House Warm – Fireplaces are not the best choice for heat during cold snaps.   They look cozy but they are really just a hole in the house that lets the heat escape.  Plus they don’t do much for air quality, either.   Particulate matter gets blown about the house when down drafts occur.  Better to seal up the opening and tune-up your furnace.   And don’t forget the programmable thermostat.  Set it to heat the house half an hour before you get up and half an hour before you are due home.  The rest of the time, keep it at 65 degrees (or less).  If you need to replace your unit, the Gas Company is still offering a $200 rebate on qualified units.   Call the South Bay Environmental Services Center at (310) 371-7222 for more information or visit their website –

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