Here’s one of the Greatest Descriptions Ever…..

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As you can only imagine, we see a lot of great property descriptions in our business.  There are the typical ones, charming, cozy, all original, etc….

But now I’ve heard it all when I read this the other day – actually I was thinking “now there’s a good one that I am going to file away for future use!”  (hee, hee..)  Here it is…..“unhampered by customizations that you may not want.”   I love it!  Now we went to go see this house that was “unhampered” and I’ll tell you, it was not bad.  Great pool in sunny front courtyard on a nice quiet street in Rolling Hills Estates (90274 – get your kids in the PV school system!) and yes, the house needs some work, but for $1,049,000 what do you want!   Here’s the picture of “unhampered.”unhampered.jpg