Hollywood Riviera: 3 digits vs. 4 digits Fun Fact

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The Hollwood Riviera is in the City of Torrance but has both Redondo Beach and Torrance mailing addresses.  A fun little bit of trivia is that the addresses with 3 digits all have Redondo Beach (90277) addresses and the addresses with 4 digits all have Torrance (90505) addresses.  The True trivia buff will know the two streets that are exceptions to that rule.  Do you know?  Calle de Felipe has three digits but has a Torrance address and Paseo De Arena has three digits but also has a Torrance address.   A long time ago, the City of Torrance annexed about half of the Hollywood Riviera to the Redondo Beach post office because it was much closer to the RB post office and Torrance is such a large city.  All of the Hollywood Riviera falls under the city of Torrance though for schools, services and building restrictions.