Hollywood Riviera Market Analysis – 2nd Quarter 2009

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Hollywood Riviera Market Analysis – 2nd Quarter 2009 Sales

Great news for sellers this quarter, we had a 29% increase in sales volume!  We have seen homes really sell at a fast pace in the past month here in the Riviera which gave us the increase in sales.  Along with the increase in volume however, we continued to see the average sales price decline, but only by 13% if you look at the first half of 2009 vs. the first half for 2008.  Not the horrific numbers that can be seen in various cities across the  country.   We chalk this up to the #1 rule of real estate: location, location, location.  The properties in the most desirable parts of the state will increase in value quicker in appreciating markets and retain more of their value in declining markets.  We are only off about 17% in the number of homes sold so far this year to the same time period last year.  Not too shabby!  The best way to get your home sold for top dollar is to hire a full-time, Riviera Real Estate expert who can stage and market your home for maximum appeal to buyers€¦ give us a call today!

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