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Hollywood Riviera – Sales to Date – Single family homes

Sales to date  here in the Hollywood Riviera are on pace with last years number of sales – good news.  The average price of those 13 sales last year was $1,010,692 vs. $887,000 this year so our average price is off quite a bit – 13%.

Click here to see the 13 homes that have sold so far this year Jan 1, 2011 – March 18, 2011 – Click Here

There are 18 homes pending sale right now – so there has been a lot of activity in this first quarter.  Click here to see which homes are currently in escrow. – Click Here   The average price of the homes pending sale is $956,000 – that will help bring up the average sales price but not by much as this average pending number will be smaller after it turns into a ‘sold’ number.

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