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How the “Pooping Peacock Disclosure” Came Into Existence

Anyone ever wonder why we have so many real estate disclosures here in CA?  Being a practicing real estate agent I can tell you that there is a ridiculous amount of paperwork these days and most of it is disclosures.  Most disclosures are a result of some sort of lawsuit that a buyer brought against a seller – for something the seller did not disclose.  Often it is something so obvious to the seller that they never think to dislcose it.  For example, in the Malaga Cove area of Palos Verdes Estates, there are a lot of peacocks making themselves comfortable in and around people’s homes and cars.  Guess what, there is a new local disclosure for people in that area that requires them to disclose the peacocks inhabitants.  To most people that live in Malaga Cove, it is quite obvious….you really can’t miss them – they are all over the streets, on top of peoples cars and roofs, and they make quite a raucous noise that can be heard from quite a distance.  Well, some buyer sued some seller for not disclosing this fact.  Mr. Buyer moved into his new Malaga Cove home and then was obviously disgusted by the fact that there were peafowl pooping on top of their car.  “Lawsuit!”  followed by “new Disclosure!”

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