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In A Hurry? – South Bay Dinners Just Got Easier

We are working moms of the South Bay.  Dinner is usually a hurried – even stressful event.  Just the thought of the question – “What’s for dinner?” or “What shall we do for dinner tonight?” can make me cringe.  Let me tell you what I’ve discovered in the South Bay that makes dinner time a whole lot easier and even exciting!  Dream Dinners opened their doors in South Torrance about a year ago and what an impact it’s had on my life and several of my friends’ lives.  Their food is delicious and so easy to prepare.

How does it work you ask?  You make a reservation – online which makes it soo easy!  You pick your location – the one in the South Bay is on Palos Verdes Blvd at Sepulveda (across from Cooking Stuff…..everyone knows where that is.)  Then you go to their current menu and pick out the meals you’d like to prepare.  You pick a time and then show up that day.  When you get there you are greeted by super nice people that genuinely seem to want to help you.  You wash your hands, don an apron and get your tickets w/ your selections.  February – I just had their Carribbean Pork Roast – oh my gosh – can you say “Delicious!”  It was outstanding – so good in fact that I have to go by and make another one.  I am off tract, back to how it works:  There is a 36 meal minimum – which may sound like a lot of food, but it’s not really.  Each meal comes in 3 or 6 person servings.  There are stations set up w/ the menus and the “recipes” on how to assemble each meal.  You are essentially making “ready to prepare at a later date” meals.  Most meals go into a Ziploc baggy (some into aluminum pans – all provided by Dream Dinners.)  It’s quite fun while you are there…can be very social (they even do parties for groups if you want to do a Dream Dinner party.)  You come home and stuff your freezer with plenty of ready to pop in the oven meals. 

Leaving for work in the morning – take out  a Dream Dinner from your freezer – thaw it out while you’re at work – come home that night and all the “prep” work is done (and the “thought” work.)  Pop it in the oven and voila – dinner is ready.  Welcome to family dinner time again!

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