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Riviera Village – Some Great New Hot Spots There!

Have you been to the Riviera Village lately?  There are some cool new hot spots there.  Food wise – Creme de la Crepe img_2943.JPG just opened near Hennesseys.  It’s a cool french crepe store and the waiters are really french.  The guy who helped us the other day was just learning english, but that didn’t hinder his good spirits – we had great service.  We brought our own wine and they corked it for us…not a bad corkage fee.  We had dinner crepes and dessert crepes.  The dessert crepes were my favorite.  The place was packed – I would recommend a reservation.  They always seem to have a crowd a breakfast time too.  The Riviera Village really needed a place like this.  I am awaiting yet another new eatery that is supposed to be european in nature where the old Redondo Village Sports used to be.  Guess he also owns the Playa store so he’s combining the whole thing into one location.  Bottomline: the crepe store is a “yes, go do it!”

On a completely different note – but also new in the Riviera Village – we have the Ma Me Spa.  Here’s an idea for you if you have children, especially young ones.  Go get a manicure, pedicure, facial or massage and bring the kids and have them watch them for you at the same time!  A true spa get away without the guilt!  What a gorgeous boutique they have as well – fine organic products to take home and pamper yourself there as well as gorgeous baby & mommy gifts!  They also do couples night out – the two of you get a night out or a pampering spa treatment for two and babysitting all in one place..not bad! 

I was out the other night in the Village at Friends of the Vine – they are not new – actually think they’ve been there quite a while now.  What a great place – great atmosphere, great service, great food (hors d’oerves) and of course, great wine!  You can go and buy wonderful wine there as well as wine accessories if you need a nice gift for a wine lover.  Seems like you always run into someone you know there, so head on down and enjoy an evening at Friends of the Vine in the Village!

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