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Hayley & Lote Thistlethwaite

We are a busy family with 2 young active children. We had a lot of criteria and often changed our minds. Yes, we were that indecisive family.  Kelly was amazing and patient through the process. She was supportive at every turn and hurdle. She helped us find a home in our price range, meeting all our criteria.
When that home had undisclosed issues, she was a smart negotiator and helped us work through unforeseen issues. We even had our mortgage broker comment that he couldn’t believe the compromises we had arrived at! She has a network of resources that were able to provide suggestions with little, to no notice. She was extremely knowledgable about the area, renovations, inspections and intricacies of home buying. She knew what to look for. She could tell us what were real issues and what issues were fixable. And her recommendations were spot on!
It’s the big and the little things when you are buying a home. The kids loved Kelly too! And that was important to us! This was my third home purchase and the least stressful. I am very happy where we wound up and happy that we found Kelly.