There is some “blogging” going on around here lately!  Kelly and Laura started their blog at the end of 2007!  We have been working with a company called Domus Consulting Group to help us get our blog up and running.  There are some other great real estate agents working on their blogs as well, namely – Elaine Carlson, Marion Duffy and Mary Thomas.  It has been a great month so far of exercising our brains to write again!   Most of us in the group haven’t had “blogs” before but soon we will all be up and running with our own personalized “Blog Sites.”  This is a great way to build our businesses and get our personalities out there into the world.  This makes it easy for potential clients to check out certain geographical areas of the country and get to know a real estate agent that they may end up working with.  Look for our up and coming blog site soon!

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