Seaside Ranchos Neighborhood

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There is a neat little neighborhood here in South Torrance called the Seaside Ranchos.  It has a couple other AKA’s – Sleepy Hollow and the Christmas Lite Section.  The second name is highly warranted since everyone within a 50 mile radius must know that everyone in the Seaside Ranchos has a mission at Christmas time to out-do the rest of us hanging as many Christmas lites & decorations as possible.  They go way overboard and each resident must have some sort of mandate on seeing how many Christmas decorations they can put out in the front lawns.  Just a few days after Thanksgiving, the entire neighborhood becomes a “destination” for the rest of us.  Seaside Ranchos sets up detour signs to direct the traffic that now descends for an entire 6 week period – for anyone referring to it as the Sleepy Hollow – it wakes up this time of year! 
Anyone from out of the area moving to the Seaside Ranchos has to have this information disclosed to them of course.  Can you imagine moving to this quaint quiet neighborhood in May completely unaware of the Holiday Hullabaloo that will overtake the rest of one’s lives in December!  This neighborhood is known for its neighborly quality and it can be pretty exciting to see all your neighbors out on the street that time of year all decorating and getting ready for the Holidays!!  Makes for a very cohesive group.