“Staging” to Get it SOLD!

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To “Stage” or not to “Stage?”  This has become a more recognized question these days in real estate.  It wasn’t that long ago that people here in the South Bay didn’t even know what “Staging” meant.   Laura and I became “ASP” (Accredited Staging Professionals) back in 2002 before anyone knew what it meant.  I’d say most Realtors do some sort of “staging” of their clients’ homes prior to putting them on the market, but real “staging” is a whole other ball game.  It can be a very hard discussion with some sellers who really love the way their home looks.  Maybe they did the “remodel” in the 70’s and are still fond of every choice they made – completely unaware of the fact that their “remodel” is now a “gut job.”   We typically “stage” most of the houses we put on the market, but sometimes when it is really hard to get the client to understand what it really means to stage their home…..it can still go awry.  This is when it’s a good idea to bring in a “professional stager.”  They can be the “bad guy.”  We have a great “stager” and she just makes it look so easy.  The name of her company is “Staged Right”.   She really knows how to “Stage” a home to get it SOLD!  Ideally we like to get her to do the job, but sometimes we take it upon ourselves to do the “staging.”  An example of having it go awry – told a client that we wanted him to put “mulch” in the front where there was a lot of dirt.  He said he wanted to do it himself and we let him.  Oh what a mistake that was…..we show up the next day and he’s put in mulch alright…but it was “gro-mulch” which is enhanced by manure.  Exactly what not to – lay fresh manure the week the house goes on the market.   Can you imagine?  We had a good laugh anyway! …