The crazy game of realtor egos

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I was reading a real estate magazine recently and noticed a tag line on the realtor’s ad that said, “Nobody has sold more homes in the____________ area since ____ . I wonder if this agent even checked to see if this is true? So I did a little checking, and guess what? It wasn’t true.  Aside from the annoyance factor of that if you are indeed the realtor who HAS sold the most homes in that area, I asked myself,  Does anyone even care about this?  Isn’t what  buyers and sellers are looking for is reputation, results,  who they “click” with the most?  I don’t think most people really want to hear an agent spout off about how they are #1 at this, and the best thing since sliced bread, etc… I think people want to know what the agent can do for them.  When advertising, I like to focus on the wonderful aspects of the  property I am advertising, and not about how wonderful I am (If you have to tell everybody about that.. maybe it isn’t true??)