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Tree Ordinance or no Tree Ordinance?

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A large part of the Holllywood Riviera is located in the Torrance Hillside Overlay, an ordinance adopted in 1977 which restricts building in these areas to preserve view, light, air and privacy.  However, these same residences have no limitations on tree and vegetation size so that some residents can and do loose their view, light and air (trees don’t infringe upon privacy).  This can be a source of extreme tension among neighbors who try to deal with neighbors who for whatever reason will not trim trees to restore their neighbors precious views and light.  In our immediate vicinity, there are a few cities on the Palos Verdes Peninsula that do have tree ordinances.  Rancho Palos Verdes  has a very specific tree ordiance that is designed to balance each homeowner’s views with another neighbor’s right to have trees grow unchecked.  It would be an interesting poll to see what our residents think about adopting a tree ordinance.   A good friend of ours just recently had two very large trees cut down by neighbors who lived below them (at their expense).  You can see the before and after shots to see how their view was openend up.  Their neighbor said he had not seen the view in 40 years since these trees took his view away!  Here are the photos:



What a difference!  And what a view!!!