What it Means to get through Escrow…

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What does it mean to get through escrow?  I can tell you right now that Realtors earn their money getting you through escrow.

Escrow – have you heard of Request for Repairs?  Now this is one of the hard parts.  Inspections, inspections – this leads to the Request for Repairs – which California Association of Realtors has an official form – as it’s a real part of the transaction that can make or break.  It’s a stressful time in the transaction – deciding this part of the transaction allows the transaction to move forward. 

One must not be emotionally attached at this point of the transaction – ego is what can get in the way here.  Of course, a seller who has successfully lived in his home for the last 10/20/3o years has had no problems…then along comes Mr. Inspector…he digs up all sorts of stuff that has never caused you one trouble.  All of a sudden you’ve got problems, and problems you don’t understand.  Problems that require plumbers, electricians, “specialists” to figure out.  Ugh!

How do we proceed? This is where your Realtor really comes in handy.  Most likely your Realtor has heard of these problems before during other similar inspections with these same inspectors.