Hollywood Riviera – Least and Most Expensive Homes for Sale April 2013

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Hollywood Riviera real estate – Least and Most Expensive Homes for Sale – April 2013

It’s April 2013 – Spring selling season is here, yet we have low inventory compared to years gone by.  What can someone looking to live in this picturesque neighborhood expect to find?

The least expensive home currently for sale here in the Hollywood Riviera was just listed one day ago for $680,000.  It’s a fixer upper one home in from Calle Mayor, one of our micro-main drag-streets.  This quaint (aka – small) home of 1225 sq ft has ‘Riviera Fixer in need of TLC” as its main description.  Need I say more?

For those buyers wanting to get something a bit more spectacular here in the Hollywood Riviera, you might want to take a look at the home for sale on Calle de Aragon for $1,998,000 (also written up by the Redondo Beach Patch as one of Redondo Beach’s priciest homes for sale recently.)  It’s a lovely home with an incredible view of the ocean, city lights and mountains, not to mention it’s been extensively remodeled throughout – including the impeccable garage.  The backyard is all-pool and one that just doesn’t match with the rest of the home’s new style.  No idea why they didn’t dress that area up as well?  It’s been on the market now for 50 days (which as of today the average days on market of the homes currently for sale here in the Hollywood Riviera is down to a mere 45 days (although if I had to average out the days on market of the ‘high end’ homes for sale here – of which we have a bit of a glut – you’d find the days on market number increases to 82 days.)  

This leads me to a whole other story the one about pricing your home properly in today’s market.  Stay tuned….

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