Top 10 Real Estate Predictions for 2008

1.  Smart buyers will find some serious bargains!

2.  Interest rates will continue to decline, increasing buyer demand.

3. The Daily Breeze will continue to report real estate trends in Dayton, Ohio.

4.  The Daily Breeze will not run one article on real estate trends in the South Bay.

5.  The disgruntled renters will continue to think the local real estate market will decline to pre-2000 prices.

6.   The first quarter 2008 will see a reduction in the number of units sold vs. first quarter 2007.

7 .  The first quarter will show a decrease in prices from 2007 first quarter.
8  . The Daily Breeze and the Los Angeles Times will find as many ways as possible to write about how the Bubble has Burst!
9.  The second quarter 2008 will show a shortage of inventory and multiple offers will abound again.
10  .  Sellers who listed their homes in early 2007  will finally realize their price is too high!

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