Kelly & Laura Over the Years!

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Kelly & Laura are sisters so we go way back as far as working together goes. Remember the days of lemonade stands? We grew up on the Main Line of Phildadelphia and we sold “lemon sticks” every spring during the Devon Horse Show. They were actual lemons with the tops cut out and then you would insert a lemon swirl candy stick and then suck the sweetened lemon juice out from the lemon candy stick. Our mom, who was also a realtor back when we were young girls in Philadelphia, always volunteered to work at the horse show and we got to go, too!! Learned some very valuable lessons back then seeing who could sell the most lemon sticks at the end of the day!

They are fond memories from back in the day. We did end up moving to Southern California when we were teens and attending South High School in South Torrance. Here we are as adults and now our children also went to the local South Torrance Schools. It’s all about the circle of life. We couldn’t be happier that we ended up here and are now realtors serving many South Bay communities here…Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and the several cities that make up the Peninsula such as Palos Verdes Estates & Rolling Hills Estates. It’s been 24 years now and we love learning and discovering better ways to service our clients every day. We thrive on referrals from our clients and would not have lasted in this business as long as we have without friends and past clients employing us again and again and referring us to their friends and family. We truly feel honored to do so every time. Strive to Thrive! It’s fun to look back at all our photos – especially the head shots. Some are great and some never got used! Thanks to all our clients – near and far – new and old – and especially SOLD!!