Pet Friendly Features that could help SELL Your Home Faster!!

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Pet-Friendly Features That Could Help Your Home Sell Faster

Pets are a top factor in today’s home purchases, and these pet-related upgrades could help sell your home. We loved this article in Better Homes & Gardens and thought you would too!!

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Kristine Gill – Better Homes & Gardens

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For many Americans, a pet makes a house a home. In fact, studies show that many homebuyers report prioritizing pets’ needs when shopping for a new home. It would stand to reason then that certain pet-friendly features can not only enhance the value of your home but also help it sell faster. 

“As our furry friends become ever more integrated into our families, their needs are increasingly factored into home-buying decisions,” says Scott Beaudry, broker and owner with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Universal.

We’ll take a look at some pet-friendly features that are prized among dog and cat lovers as well as families without pets.

Are Pet-Friendly Features Popular?

In short, yes. As the number of households with pets grows, so too does the interest in such features. 

“It’s no secret that pet ownership rates are soaring—with approximately 66% of US households owning or planning to own a pet,” Beaudry says. “Such a significant portion of the market can’t be ignored, and those selling their homes are beginning to realize that tailoring their houses to be pet-friendly can be a game-changer in the speed of a sale.”

Another study by the National Association of Realtors shows nearly half of buyers are moving to improve their pet’s lives. 

“With 43% of US households ready to move or alter their living situation for their pets, sellers would benefit from understanding how to make their homes stand out to this growing demographic,” Beaudry adds. “Real estate trends reveal that a fenced backyard is paramount for buyers, followed by ample home space and special consideration for durable flooring. But why stop there?” 

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Popular Pet-Friendly Features

You could deck your home out from top to bottom to make it a paradise for your dog or cat, but not every feature will be appealing to homebuyers. However, some features are on the must-have list for those with pets. 

1. Fenced Yards

At the top of the list is a pet-friendly feature that parents also like to have for kids, and that is a fenced yard. “In the realm of must-haves, a fenced-in backyard reigns supreme,” Beaudry says. “It not only guarantees a safe play area for pets but also offers peace of mind.” 

Looking to add even more value? “Privacy fences are especially valuable, while aesthetic touches like horizontal slats can add charm without sacrificing functionality,” Beaudry adds. 

2. Pet-Proof Flooring

Pet owners know that carpeting spells disaster, especially if you have a new puppy who’s still potty training. Durable floors not only make clean-up easier, but they’re also harder for your dog to damage. 

“Hardwood floors may be timeless, but they’re not always the most practical option for four-legged friends who could scratch it up,” Beaudry says. “Laminate, bamboo, or specially-treated hardwood designed to resist scratches can be a major selling point.” 

These options are also easier to maintain for many pet owners. “It’s not just about durability either; hypoallergenic materials that resist pet dander or easy-to-clean options can significantly elevate a home’s allure for pet owners,” he adds. 

3. Feeding Stations and Sleeping Areas

Built-in feeding and watering stations are growing in popularity among fur moms and dads, who love having a dedicated area for their pet’s food and water bowls. Many of these features include elevated feeding bowls and a dedicated water tap built right into the wall. 

“Pets require their own space. A feeding area with water and food bowl insets can keep eating spaces clean and organized,” Beaudry says. “Moreover, pet suites, such as converting under-stair areas into cozy dog dens or cat havens, add incredible appeal by providing pets with their safe nooks.” 

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4. Pet Baths

Pets get dirty, too, but taking your dog to the groomer for regular baths isn’t the most affordable option. It’s often easier to clean your dog at home, but bending over to wash them in the tub can be a pain. 

“A built-in dog grooming station, possibly in a mudroom or laundry area, signals to potential buyers that their pet’s needs have been thoughtfully considered,” Beaudry says. “These stations help contain messes and provide convenience—highly attractive traits for pet lovers who regularly groom their animals at home.” 

Many homeowners are installing elevated and tiled showers and baths that perfectly fit their pets. You might find these stations in laundry rooms or other rooms in the house where there is already access to plumbing. 

“As a matter of fact, many new home developers are incorporating these dedicated dog grooming stations into their model home designs and offering them as build options,” Beaudry says. “Now that’s marketing to pet lovers!”

5. Dog Doors

Letting your dog in and out of the house to do their business can be a full-time job for some pet parents. That’s where dog doors become convenient. Many dog doors are part of a storm door or screen door. And if you happen to have these doors installed as an egress into a fenced yard, all the better. Be sure to mention this in your home’s listing. 

6. Location

You can’t change your home’s location, but if you happen to be located in a neighborhood with walkable streets or sidewalks, play that up in your listing. The same goes for proximity to pet-friendly parks, groomers, and doggie daycare facilities.

“It’s about creating a narrative of comfort—for both pets and their humans,” Beaudry says. “These features could be the final ‘purr’ or ‘paw’ of approval needed for potential buyers to turn face-to-face with their dream home.”

Will these features really sell your home faster? 

Not everyone who is searching for a home has a dog or cat. And even if they do, it might not be the top priority in a home listing. Still, for the right buyer, these pet-friendly features could very well be the make-or-break item on a long wish list that closes a deal on your home. 

“Home sellers can take these pet amenities and use them as focal points in their marketing strategy,” Beaudry says. In that sense, the right added feature can absolutely get your home more attention, more showings, and more offers, speeding up the sale process from start to finish.