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Buying a House: Still a Good Investment

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In spite of fluctuations in the real estate market, home ownership has proved over time to be a good long-term investment, say financial advisors.

It’s the largest investment most people will ever make, say advisors at WithumSmith+Brown. It brings financial obligations and helps people save by paying down the mortgage and building equity.

People who bought houses some 20 or 30 years ago have reaped big gains. Though prices may be lower in some areas now, they are still far greater than the original price of the home. Selling at retirement time has become a pivotal move for many in financing a more generous lifestyle at retirement.

Many buyers today are looking for a nice place to live rather than an investment that will pay big returns within a few years. Even with that plan, however, working for a debt-free home is an important step. Further, no one can predict the rate of appreciation in years to come.

Real estate agents say downturns in home prices are not something new in real estate. Over time, however, home prices will rise and continue to rise.