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Call us to get a pumpkin delivered today!!

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Happy Fall Harvest Season!

As many of you know, Laura and I love dropping off pumpkins this time of year to all of our past clients and those of you who give us referrals!

We are always grateful for your confidence in us and love helping you and your friends and family with real estate! We also have lots of resources we are happy to share if you ever need any work done around your house. Please don’t ever hesitate to call us!

We would love to drop off a pumpkin to you this year, but with the whole Corona Virus thing going on, we are not allowed to just drop off little goodies without your permission. If you would like a pumpkin, please email, call or text us and we will bring one by. We would love to stop by and say hello to you and your families and see what you’ve done to your homes over the years!

Our phone numbers for texting or calling are:
Kelly (310) 613-2465 OR Laura (310) 738-7355 OR
Please reach out!!

Kelly & Laura