What NOT to do when selling your house – worst photos ever!

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It is a wonder to me in today’s savvy real estate market where visual images are so important as a first impression that someone would use these photos to market their home that is listed for $1 million dollars!!  What the heck?  How could this bathroom shot make a buyer want to buy this house?  It looks like there is not enough storage space since there is an overflow of bath products on the counter, an extra portable storage bin to the side of the cabinet and some random rod (maybe a towel bar that was never installed?) lying against the bath cabinet.

This is the bedroom photo  – what the ? Seriously? The dirty clothes hamper is overflowing and shouldn’t even be in this photo to start with.  The dresser is covered with more things that should be stored. Again, this photo tells a story that this house has no storage and even the current owner doesn’t know what to do with all the stuff.  Clearly this person never read the latest Marie Kondo book having to do with clearing clutter from your life.

Here is the kitchen photo – obviously the real estate agent did not hire a professional photographer….more overwhelming clutter abounds.  It’s such an easy and inexpensive thing to do before you prepare your home for sale….clear the clutter folks!

The backyard – ugh – it’s probably a very nice space, but who can tell from these photos.  There is a $1 million dollar price tag attached to this home and these are the photos – I think they will be hard pressed to get that price with these photos.


Someone could have easily removed the black covers from the outdoor grill and removed all the excess planters and waited for some sun!  This home is in sunny, Southern California believe it or not.


These guys need help.  If you want to sell your house and want a professional real estate agent to advise you on some very easy and inexpensive ways to get top dollar for your home, call Kelly & Laura today.  We come ready to work with many years of staging  experience under our belts and will personally help you prepare your home for sale. We would never allow photos like this to be a part of your sale.  We hire a professional photographer to present your home it its best light.


This was not what I was going to write about tonight, but when I opened the MLS to see what new inventory might have come on the market today, I saw this and couldn’t help myself.  Yikes!